Letting your kids cook may seem like a disaster waiting to happen, but we’re here to help! If your little one has shown interest in the kitchen, Apron Masters can teach them invaluable life-skills. Apron Masters Kitchen hosts classes, private lessons, parties, and camps. No only do our classes teach children how to cook, but they’re loads of fun! Kids events are appropriate for ages 14 and under. If your teen is interested in a higher level, they are welcome to take an Adult level lesson. 


We all want our kids to become confident, successful people. One of the easiest ways to make that happen is to teach them how to cook! Not only does it foster healthy eating habits, but there are tons of proven benefits of encouraging kids to learn how to cook.

By learning essential kitchen skills, children are able to…

  • Sharpen fine motor skills through chopping, mixing, squeezing and spreading.
  • Foster problem solving and creativity.
  • Learn to focus by following recipes and instructions start to finish.
  • Gain confidence not only in the kitchen, but in themselves through creating something for others to enjoy.

Most importantly, teaching kids to cook encourages family bonding time that comes with mealtimes and it’s super helpful! Make it a tradition to cook Sunday dinner together or to bake together after school on Fridays. Cooking together as a family brings everyone together!

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